4 foundations with shade rages for almost every skin tone

oladimeji-odunsi-472559.jpgMe being a dark skin female , I definitely know the struggle of trying to find the right foundation . A lot of things go into matching foundation shades . You first have to find your color , then make sure it is the right undertone , and lastly figure out if it fits your skin type ( oily , dry , combination skin ) . It can be quite hard for both ends of the spectrum ( pale , or dark ) . Here are 4 foundations that you’ll most likely find your shade in . ( most of the images on here will show what my shade is ).


Props to Rihanna for dropping forty shades with different undertones .

(this is the shade 470)


Nars came through and recently dropped 33 amazing shades .

(this is the shade namibia )


I wasn’t able to find a picture of the bottles but here are the 30 new shades that BOBBI BROWN  just dropped . ( My shade is cool walnut or cool almond , somewhere around there )


Huda beauty has been rocking the game ever since they dropped their 30 #fauxfilter foundations . ( My shade is mocha )


More beauty brands need to widen their shade ranges and be more inclusive . The world isn’t all tan !!!! xoxo


4 trends that well be rocking in 2018

shanna-camilleri-190745.jpgFashion is constantly changing , trends come and go . 2018 is just another year for more trends .  With that being said it would be appropriate to say new year new me new trends . Here are four trends well be rocking in 2018 .


Whether its rain-boots or some comfy Uggs , boots have always been in style and they will continue to be in style . But this season we’ve seen a new way of wearing boots . Thigh high boots been seen on the likes of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj , to Balenciaga runways , all the way to your local club . They can add that splash of sexy to any outfit without even showing any skin .black-denim-splash-knee-high-boots



 Head wraps are great for when your having a bad hair day , but they’re just as great for sprucing up any outfit . Whether it be African print or or a plain color , head wraps can pull any look together .  The great thing about head wraps is they have so many versatile styles . You can tie it up or down , left or right , you just cant go wrong with a head wrap.headwrap.jpeg


Public service announcement : Sleek straight hair is the new in thing . Dont get me wrong , we still need to embrace our natural popping curls . That doesn’t mean we cant pull out those handy dandy lace frontals and closures . Whether it be a blunt bob or a high pony just screams sleek hair just screams classy independent woman . Yass hunty come through !!!!sleek bob.jpg


Faux fur coats just give me “only sips on pink moscato” vibes . In other words this takes bougie to a whole other level . Faux fur just makes anyone who wears it look like a million bucks . Like ” yes , i just spoke to my bestie , the first lady” . It looks expensive and Im so here for it .louis-amal-366547.jpg

Happy new years and I hope everyone rocks 2018 , and looks great while doing it . xoxo

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