4 trends that everyone will be sporting in 2017

The greatest thing about modern fashion is that it’s constantly changing with time, and 2017 bring a whole new year of fashion trends for people to partake in.

But which fashion trends are in style this year? If we should start anywhere, we have to honor…


Sneakers are still likely to reign prominent in 2017, but we’re taking a shift from and skipping the plain-looking sneakers of the year previous, and moving on to stylish, embellished sneakers. The flashier, the better.

Out of style

In style

Dual or tri color, and brand name is the new stylish this year.


The off the shoulder trend continues strong into this year with no sign of stopping. In 2017, its time to show off your shoulders, and designers are opting for more of this type of clothing.


Gaining popularity just recently, a stripy design has becoming more and more normal to see in mainstream fashion, and is likely to stay that way throughout 2017.


Knee high boots have just recently been coming back into trend with short glimpses and features in 2016 foreshadowing its boom. Now in 2017, many celebrities and fashionistas are sporting this look, and most likely, everyone else will be too.


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