5 fashionista hacks to save your life

Fashion is a fun and wondrous world of adventure and exploration, that we at AYI and you alike are familiar with.

Still, sometimes, you can find yourself in a wrap, and need a quick fix to your fashion mishaps.

Thus, we have compiled a list of 5 useful fashionista hacks that will save your life.

1.Lotion to remove makeup


Whops! You’ve run out of makeup wipes, and are certainly not in the mood to scrub your face for 30 minutes. Instead, take some lotion the size of two quarters in your palm and rub it across your face. Rinse and lightly rub your face after application. Repeat about 3-4 times, and you’ll find that most of your makeup comes off with ease.

2.Roll your clothes


You’ve planned 20 coordinated outfits for your trip to shanghai except, they don’t all fit in your suitcase. Never fear, roll your clothes to create more space in your suitcase, then wrap them in a plastic bag or put a rubber band around them. Suddenly, everything fits!

3. Beeswax your shoes


Canvas shoes get damaged quickly by water and dirt. Never fear, apply beeswax  to your shoes to instantly waterproof them, and make them last longer without bee-ing ruined or soiled.

This works for any type of shoe that damages easily.

4. use Vaseline for long lasting perfume scent



Your perfume wears off too fast? Gently rub Vaseline in all areas where you will apply the perfume, and then spray. It will make your perfume last longer overall



A common fashion lie you often hear online is that coconut oil helps your skin. Coconut EXTRACT does, but pure oil will make your your acne break out of the closet faster than glee club members. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER apply any type of oil directly to your skin, lest suffer a horrendous breakout. It clogs your pores so bad, and dermatologists advise AGAINST IT.

From personal experience, i used coconut oil on my face for two days, and got a powerful rash all across my face. I usually have good skin, regardless of what I put on it.


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